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People perplexe me…

If you spend so much time looking at your own Facebook page that the change to the “timeline” format upsets you, you need to re-evaluate your choices in life.

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Driving me nuts

What’s up with the crazy fuckers in this town? Yesterday, on the Plateau, I saw a hipster wearing what looked like a down jacket. In 30-degree weather! What the fuck??? Even if the jacket wasn’t stuffed with feather down it’s still a long-sleeved cold(er) weather outerwear. The only thing wearing something like that would make sense is if he took out whatever the jacket was originally stuffed with and replaced it with ice.
And now, I just saw a woman in a motorized wheelchair. Normally that would mean that she is too much of an invalid to walk. Except that she was sitting in that thing in a yoga lotus position. I don’t know about you but I, as a person in relatively good shape, can’t do more than a few minutes in a lotus position without starting to feel like the cartilage in my joints is being slowly pulled out in a twisting-like motion with white-hot pliers. Seriously, what the fuck?


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Highway robbery?


At $10.50, this is the most overpriced beer ever. Thank you Bell Centre and especially the Molson family.

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Holy Shit!

This whole dating thing is making me think about Jesus Christ. Firstly, I’m just as celibate. And secondly, even Christ wasn’t rejected as much as me and he was one outlandish dude! Maybe I should claim to be a son of god… But which one?

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Mmmm… tea….

Recently, in the comments section of the blog I like and occasionally comment on, someone didn’t like my flippant attitude towards TEA party members and the fact that I refer to them as Teabaggers. I thought to myself: maybe I am wrong. Maybe the Teabaggers are not the people I imagine them to be. But how would one go about discovering these things? Google to the rescue! A search for “tea party”returned several results. The first two were Wikipedia articles. The third one was Nice website, not particularly rich in information though they do sell colouring books. And then there it was: the blogs section. Jackpot! I don’t have a ton of time so I picked two blogs at random.

Blog #1:

Apparently, 27 times 65 is 7,555. Go figure! Is this mathiness?

Blog #2:

Yes, horrible. It’s the end of the world. Next thing you know, he’ll be bombing and shooting people like those brown muslins in Oslo. Oh, no, wait…

Should I keep looking or can I stick with my previous opinion?

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First Law of Thermodynamics vs. Perpetuum Mobile

So there’s this guy who took photographs of young Michael Jackson and is now selling them to get the money to test the perpetuum mobile contraption he claims to have invented. That’s Latin for perpetual motion and the Law of Conservation of Energy and the First Law of Thermodynamics make the existence of such a machine in our Newtonian physics universe impossible. People have been claiming to have had invented those perpetual motion machines for a long time but the the only perpetual thing about them is the perpetual stream of uneducated idiots with God complex that claim they can create energy out of nothing.

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