Oh, what a feeling!

I saw something earlier and wanted to take a picture but the image was gone too fast. And I looked around to see if someone else had seen what I saw but since all my friends are imaginary, they weren’t much fucking help. What I’m pretty sure I saw was a mangy-looking bald guy with a longish many biker beard wearing the signature orange and black Harley-Davidson leather jacket, accompanied by equally biker looking friends (all in all there were two males and two females) driving a 2009 electric blue Nissan Versa. It did sound like a motorcycle though. They had to have had tinkered with a muffler. Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt. It is simply mind boggling! To what level of self-hate does one biker (let alone a group of them) have to sink in order to get inside a complete dork-mobile? And I know that Nissan Versa is a dork-mobile because I used to drive one. I did used to drive a Versa until I decided that it’s just too bad I don’t look enough like a fucking yuppy asshole so I bought a front-wheel drive mid-size SUV. Silver coloured.


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